Dimensional Gel

The Ultimate in Pressure Care:
Dimensional Gel lies at the heart of many of our products,
with the properties to prevent and treat pressure ulcers.

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Pressure Care Solutions

Gel Ovations products are employed throughout healthcare services for pressure care management, to prevent and treat pressure ulcers, maintain skin integrity and improve posture.

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Properties of Dimensional Gel

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Odourless & hypoallergenic

Latex, plasticiser and Isocyanate-free;
eliminating skin problems which can
contribute to pressure injurie.

Always soft

Our Dimensional Gel Pads remain soft
regardless of temperature and will not
harden in cold temperature. The gel
pads can also be put in a fridge or
freezer overnight to keep individuals
cool in their seating during the day,
especially beneficial if they get very
hot or have difficulty regulating their
body temperature.

Easy to cut to size

Dimensional Gel is Ideal for custom fitting -
will not leak if punctured. The gel pads can
be easily sealed with clear nail polish or
baby powder.

Adapt to body contours

Being a solid material our Gel will not migrate
away from bony prominences. This reduces
shear and friction forces on the skin. The gel
circular cells are also able to move 360 degrees
enabling them to move with the skin, massively
reducing the risk of shear and friction, especially
if the person is moving or sliding in their chair.

Hygiene friendly

Being medical grade, our Gel Pads are easily
cleaned in a mild detergent and sanitised in
mild bleach solution.

Create airflow

Due to their cellular design our Gel Pads
allow air circulation, minimising heat and
moisture build-up and consequently protect
the skin.

Maintain correct posture

Being low-profile in design yet fully load
bearing, the Dimensional Pads do not
disrupt the users seating posture, unlike
thicker pressure relief cushions. Our pads
naturally contour to any underlying surface
also encouraging a correct, healthy posture.

Gel-based skin protection for
all makes of hoist slings

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Comfort gel protection as
used by Paralympians

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Free Guide

Our FREE Guide details the properties and benefits of Dimensional Gel and how to employ it for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.

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Made to Measure

As well as ‘off-the-shelf’ products, we provide a Made to Measure service, making Gel products to meet individual pressure care needs.

This is the perfect solution when a special product solution is required to overcome a specific issue and is how many of our product innovations begin life.

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For Healthcare Professionals

Many Gel Ovations products have been developed from requests by Occupational Therapists who need pressure care solutions for their clients.

Meet Danielle Base (right) and Lynne Guest, our Occupational Therapist team who inform much of our work.

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  • Wheelchair Accessories

    Wherever parts of the body come into contact with hard wheelchair surfaces there is potential for skin damage.

    Our gel-based wheelchair accessories are engineered to ensure the ultimate in comfort, flexibility, and locked-in strength:- Comfort, Ergonomic Design, Secure and Sturdy, Economical


  • Dimensional Gel

    Our unique Dimensional Gel Pads help maintain skin integrity and reduce the risk of pressure ulcers.

    Properties include airflow to keep the skin cool and dry, suppleness to contour exactly to the body for support and posture maintenance, and anti-sheer properties to prevent pressure ulcers from developing.

  • Bathroom Accessories

    The Gel Ovations Shower Accessories protect the skin when using a shower chair.

    This is an area easily overlooked yet skin is prone to pressure issues here as it is exposed.

Orders received by 12 noon are despatched the same day. We understand that clients suffering from pressure injuries require fast solutions, which is why we provide express service as standard. Contact us for Made-to-Measure delivery times.

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Made to Measure

We make tailored pressure care solutions to your specific specifications

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