Activities of Daily Living

Today, Gel Ovations enables you to provide patients with pressure ulcer prevention products helping them to carry out Activities of Daily Living comfortably and safely whilst protecting their skin.

Personal Care – Bathroom

Gel Pads on:

Toilet seats, Static or wheeled shower commodes, Seat and back rest covers, Leg rest hanger wraps, Footrest, armrest and headrest covers, Floor or wall of the shower, Covering a shower troller or changing table, bath seat or lift.

Transfers in the home

Transfers using:

A hoist and sling, SlingGel protectors to protect skin, Cover hoist spreader bar, Standing aids – Gel to cover knee and leg supports, Walking aids and crutches, Handle wraps and Gel on transfer/slide board.


Gel Pads to protect:

Ears and back of the head inside the pillow case, Heels, Back and bottom (if no air mattress in place), Hip when on side (if no air mattress in place), Skin if the patient has contractures (place between limbs) and Walls and bed rails/bed levers, head and footboards.

Eating, drinking and snacks

Gel Pads on:

Seating at the dining room table, Wheelchair at the dining room tables and Tray if unable to site at the table.


Gel Pads on:

Wheelchair seat, Backrest, Armrests, Knee abductors, Hip guides, Calf supports, Footrest hangers, Footrests/footboard and All metal work of wheelchair.

Comfort Seating

Gel Pads on:

Specialist chair in seat, backrest and footrest, Settee and footstool.


Gel Pads on:

Vehicle seat whilst travelling and Wheelchair whilst travelling.

Leisure, community and work

Gel Pads on:

Garden seating/furniture, Seating when out visiting family and friends, Seating in cafes/restaurants/cinema/theatre, Bikes, Trikes, Sports wheelchairs, Sailing and Horse riding, Office seating and Desk to support wrists.

Orders received by 12 noon are despatched the same day. People suffering with pressure ulcers require fast solutions, which is why we provide express service as standard. Contact us for Made-to-Measure delivery times.