We have partnered up in a new exciting opportunity with local Bristol start-up, easyTravelseat, who are looking to make aviation more accessible for wheelchair users. Part of this for easyTravelseat, is to provide greater choice of seating options for their customers.

easyTravelseat Founder and Director, Joshua Wintersgill was diagnosed at the age of 2 with Spinal Muscular Atrophy and is a wheelchair user himself. Josh now at the age of 26, has been lucky enough to do his fair share of travelling. As a result, Josh knows all too well the difficulties associated with the undignified, embarrassing and unsafe transferring as a wheelchair user on and off an aircraft. So back in 2018, Josh sort to look for a solution.

He needed to design a product to allow disabled people to be transferred safely, comfortably and importantly with dignity both into and out of aeroplane seats. The solution, an in-situ transfer device after extensive research. Airport staff are able to use the sling’s lifting handles which is simpler for them, as well as being more dignified for the user. In addition, the easyTravelseat is owned by the individual so waiting time for special assistance to provide transferring equipment is eliminated.

A conversation with James Payne, Director of Gel Ovations, allowed him to address an alternative comfort element to the problem, whilst navigating the difficulties of aisle and seat width in aircraft.

As a trusted name in the pressure care arena, Gel Ovations’ renowned gel pads are internationally prescribed for use in wheelchairs and in situations where optimum pressure care is required and so provided the perfect solution for Able Move.

Our Gel Ovations’ unique Dimensional gel pad can be inserted into the easyTravelseat and on top of an existing cushion inside the easyTravelseat if need be to alleviate pressure on a person’s lower back and seat area whilst sat on the aisle chairs, and aircraft seats.

Precision moulded from medical grade silicone, the cellular design of the pad allows air to easily circulate between the cells minimising both heat and moisture build-up as well as allowing for even pressure distribution – reducing the risk of pressure ulcers.

Both of these are important factors given the length of time that someone could be sat in an aeroplane seat and would affect how comfortable the experience could be.

James Payne said: “Gel Ovations is proud that this partnership with Able Move is making a difference and opening the world for so many wheelchair users who would have been reluctant to travel before.”

Josh Wintersgill said: “We are pleased to have the dimensional pads as part of our broader product offering with the easyTravelseat to clients. The breathability, pressure relief, mouldability and thinness is ideal for some when flying. For us it’s all about customer choice, whilst factoring in the considerations of special assistance, the aircraft itself and airlines.”

easyTravelseat, was previously known as Able Move, before it won the UK Disabled Entrepreneurs Awards 2018, ran by the Founder of easyJet, Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou and the charity Leonard Cheshire and was later snapped up by Sir Stelios easyGroup family of brands post awards, in an investment and brand license deal.

easyTravelseat is continuing its work with airports, airlines, charities and travel agents to help build education and awareness of the product. Josh’s vision for easyTravelseat is: “To be globally recognised within the Aviation industry and become the market leader for providing personal transferring solutions to people with physical reduced mobility by ensuring safety dignity and comfort.”

Visit: www.easytravelseat.com/