“The soft medical silicone in saddle cover compresses, holds me, and absorbs impact as I run,
which decreases tissue damage”

Hannah Dines – European RaceRunning Champion

Power-On with Dimensional Gel Protection

Our Dimensional Gel is the choice of parathletes, Paralympians, and the wider disabled sports community, who require maximum skin protection and comfort for the most demanding situations.

Whether in training or competing to win and achieve our goals exposes vulnerable areas of our bodies to the hard surfaces of sports equipment.

This is where Gel Ovations comes in, our professional-grade silicone gel pads protecting you from pressure sores and impact injuries every day and during competition.

The Performance Benefits of Dimensional Gel 

Custom and Standard Kit

Our highly experienced team will work with you to fully understand your needs and custom-make Dimensional Gel protection to perfectly fit your equipment.

We equip all brands and types of disabled sports equipment with Gel Ovations protection, covering all angles and areas of the structure.

What’s more, our products are designed to be unobtrusive and fully blend in with the original equipment.

We provide standard off-the-shelf products as well as made-to-measure solutions such as Dimensional Gel seat pads.

Our Sports Product Line-up

Improve your performance by equipping yourself with Gel Ovations Sports protection and padding products. Our technology protects your skin so that you can take the knocks in sports such as wheelchair rugby and basketball and many more. Our powerful Gel technology eliminates pressure sores and injuries hampering you through hours of training and competing with para-athletics and endurance sports. Everyone is different, so we are here at all times to help equip you with standard and custom-made protection to gain that edge and help you achieve Winning Comfort.

Karen Darke – Paralympic Gold Medalist – Team GB

Champion Para-Cyclist Karen Darke won Gold at the 2016 Rio Paralympics in the H-3 time trial, going one better than London 2012 where she picked up the Silver medal.

Karen says: “I have recently used the Dimensional Gel pads while kayaking and they have been great! I have also used them in the car and on flights. I also use the Dimensional Gel pads when I’m at the beach especially sitting on benches or rough surfaces like walls etc. I also intend to use them when I go to the gym when I’m benching and to use them in other recreational ways.”

Hannah Dines – trike racer and European RaceRunning Champion

“I’ve been using my Gel Ovations saddle cover for two years. It’s still going strong and it’s a vital bit of kit that sees me through hours of training a week. I use my saddle cover primarily on my Running Frame. I run with my legs whilst being supported by a chest plate and a saddle.”

The soft medical silicone in-saddle cover compresses, holds me, and absorbs impact as I run, which decreases the tissue damage I get from clocking up many hours in the saddle. My saddle cover is as vital for me as my helmet- thanks Gel Ovations!’

Mel Nicholls – GB Paralympian, endurance athlete, adventurer and speaker

‘As with any ultra undertaking set-up is key, saddle sores or pressure points however you ride, long hours and big miles on the bike means we all share similar issues just in different ways.

During ‘Handcycle Britain’, all day on the bike in one position and from road vibrations, took its toll on pressure points around my pelvis and spine and with this my legs, as well as my neck.

Working from these findings South West company generations Gel Ovations have joined the team in support of my next ultra-endurance project and as specialists in gel-based pressure ulcer prevention products for healthcare and mobility, are bridging the sports health gap with bespoke solutions and ideas, and as fellow champions of creative approaches to promoting active lifestyles for all.

I’m thrilled to be working with and have such innovative support from James and his expert team, and look forward to testing and developing ahead of this year’s project.’

Free Quote

If you require Dimensional Gel Padding sized to fit your sports chair exactly, we are here to help. Simply upload a rough drawing of your requirements with dimensions, taken on a smartphone, email it to us using this form and we will reply with a free quote.

Our team is always on hand to talk with you at any time, so if you require further advice and guidance please contact us on:

01454 285071 or email: info@gelovationseurope.com

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