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  • Shear and Friction on a seated body

How Friction and Shear Cause Pressure Ulcers

Shear and Friction Explained Friction and shear are mechanical forces that contribute to pressure ulcer formation. Whilst shear and friction are two separate phenomenons, they often work together to create tissue ischemia and ulcer development. [...]

Pressure Ulcers: Causes, Assessments and Treatments

Pressure Ulcers: Causes, Assessments, and Treatments By Danielle Base Gel Ovations Specialist Occupational Therapist and Moving and Handling Practitioner The term Pressure Care applies to pressure ulcers, also known as pressure sores and bedsores, that [...]

Preventing pressure sores in Seating

Seating positions to avoid Seating Position for good posture, support and comfort Correct Seat Height is Essential Correct seat height is important. If a chair is too high or the person [...]

Tips for Preventing Pressure Sores

TREATING PRESSURE SORES COSTS THE NHS £1.4 MILLION EVERY DAY Yet 95% of pressure sores are preventable**. Knowing the key ways to prevent pressure sores (also known as bed sores or pressure ulcers) [...]