Made to Measure for you

As a Specialist Pressure Care Solutions Provider, we often have to think out of the box to meet an individual’s needs. Our aim is to enable individuals to carry out their daily activities as safely as possible by minimising pressure care risk during these tasks.

Bespoke Gel Products

Gel Ovations has an established Custom-Made Service (Made to Measure), making Gel Products to meet individuals pressure care needs.

This is the perfect solution when one of our regular products does not fit your exact requirements.

As we are able to cut Dimensional Gel and Flat Gel to any shape or size, we make many bespoke gel products to cover equipment in order to protect an individual’s skin.

Using Dimensional Gel, with our Premium VP Covers and Non-Slip Bases, we tailor-make toilet, shower, and commode seat overlays.

This solution provides a low-profile Pressure Solution for personal care needs.

The soft Dimensional Gel enhances comfort, prevents pressure ulcers and the unique cellular design reduces shear and friction forces to the skin.

Gel Ovations Ocean Shower Chair Seat Overlay

Bespoke Toilet Seat

Shower/Commode Seat – Open Front

Shower and, Commode Seat Open Rear

Shower/Commode Seat – Open Rear

Shower/Commode Seat – Closed Front

Left/Right Side Aperture Commode Overlay Pad 

Freeway Seat Overlay

Freeway Shower Chair Seat Overlay

Using our Dimensional Gel, we custom-make pressure care seat overlays for all shower chair brands on the market.

This seat overlay, for example, was custom-made for a Freeway Shower Chair left side aperture commode seat. It features soft, protective Dimensional Gel, our Premium VP Cover, Non-Slip Base and comes complete with secure fixing straps for easy application and removal for cleaning. In common with all our pressure relief overlays, it is low-profile in design to aid transfers.

Skin is vulnerable in wet room environments to pressure ulcers, which is why our gel-based Dimensional Gel bathing protection products are essential as part of a 24-hour pressure care programme.

Bespoke Foot Plate Protectors

Gel Ovations make many bespoke footplate coverings using our Dimensional Gel to offer our highest pressure relief option for feet, toes and heels. The Dimensional Gel offers soft cooling protection whilst also reducing shear and friction forces. The Dimensional Gel is ½” (13mm) thick however we are also able to offer 1”, 2”,3”,4” or 5” (2.54cm, 5.08cm, 7.62cm, 10.16cm or 12.7cm) height options by combining the gel with a foam base. This also helps when footplates are slightly too long for the users required lower leg length.

Obtain a price

To obtain a price for a Made for You custom product simply upload a drawing of your requirements with dimensions, taken on a smartphone, email it to us using this form and we will reply with a quote.

If you require further advice and guidance please call us on:

01454 285071 or email:

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    Bespoke Gel Hoist Protection Padding

    Transfering clients using portable hoists can lead to uncomfortable contact with the hard surfaces of the hoist, leading to marking and even bruising of the skin.

    We are able to provide a solution to this problem by designing and applying tailor-made Special Gel Covers to the unit, protecting the skin from all hard contact areas.

    High performance waterproof and breathable Neoprene or Dartex is used to cover the gel, still enabling the gel to work effectively and be fitted to equipment safely and securely.

    Our expert in-house technicians design and manufacture special covers for our Gel Products to ensure they can be secured in place and make fitting easy.


    Lilly – Bespoke Gel Hoist Protectors

    Lilly is 11 and has Cerebral Palsy and experiences involuntary movements in her arms and legs. It is important for Lilly to spend time with her family in their living room.

    Lilly enjoys moving and having a stretch on the floor and being with her younger siblings in the living room when she comes home from school. Lilly’s bedroom and ceiling track hoist is upstairs.

    A ceiling track hoist was unable to be fitted in the living room and the family did not wish for a gantry hoist fitted in their living area. Therefore, Lilly’s mum uses a portable hoist to transfer Lilly between her wheelchair and the floor. However, during hoisting Lilly’s involuntary movements increase and she is regularly making contact with the hoist, which is bruising and marking her skin.

    We designed and made Special Gel Covers that covered the base, battery box, lift arm and spreader bar of the portable hoist. Since these have been fitted Mum advised that Lilly is much safer and she is no longer bruising or marking her skin on the hoist. Mum also said she is less anxious and happier to be hoisted.

    Marie – Bespoke Gel Sling Protectors

    Marie is a 52 and has multiple sclerosis. She is currently using a supportive toileting sling safely. However, she has vulnerable skin and the sling was causing marking and discomfort underneath her thighs while being transferred between her bed, wheelchair and commode.

    We designed and made special sling leg protectors to enable Marie to be hoisted more comfortably. She reported that she is no longer marking and is able to be hoisted more regularly during the day.

    The sling protectors enabled Marie to continue using the sling with her husband and avoided having to change to a full sling or increase her care package.

    Marie’s husband also advised that the Gel covers are easy to clean, which is useful after personal care activities.

    Pressure Care Improvement of Wheelchair Pommel

    In this case, we were contacted by an Occupational Therapist whose client was experiencing redness and skin breakdown on the inside of their inner knee areas. This was caused by rubbing on the wheelchair’s padded pommel fitting.

    The pommel was attached to the front of the wheelchair to keep the client’s knees apart, but over time it was causing skin irritation and inflammation.

    Our solution was to custom-make a specially designed pressure care pad, incorporating our soft Silicone Dimensional Gel for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.

    The Dimensional Gel provides a soft, cooling solution that also reduces the shear forces against the skin and being low-profile, at just ½” in-depth, fits neatly over the pommel without affecting the client’s comfortable seating position.

    Our pommel protector benefits from the cellular design of the Dimensional Gel which moulds to the body for continual comfort and pressure-relief and comes with a breathable Dartex cover for the prevention of moisture build-up and ease of cleaning.

    To further enhance user comfort, the pommel support strut was also encased in a protective Dimensional Gel Wrap which protects the skin from being damaged by contact with hard wheelchair surfaces.