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Gel Arm Rest Pads
210G, 212G, 214G, 310G, 312G, 314G, 316G

Gel Arm Rest Pads LaBac Style Mounting
210TMS, 212TMS, 214TMS, 310TMS, 312TMS, 314TMS, 316TMS

Waterfall Style Pad with Silicone Gel and LaBac style Mounting
410GWT, 412 GWT, 414 GWT, 416GWT

GT Silicone Pad c/w Removable Cover, Tracking & Bolts
408GT, 410GT, 412GT, 415GT

Video Channel

Explore the Gel Ovations range of products 

Specialist Occupational Therapist Danielle Base demonstrates a range of products supplied by Gel Ovations Europe.

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How to Fit Leg Hanger Wraps

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