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Flat Gel Pads

Gel Ovations Dimensional Gel is also available in a flat style that comes in various thicknesses and has many uses.

It reduces point pressure, gradually equalizes to body temperature, and is made from Medical Grade Silicone. Being low in profile our flat gel is extremely pliable and easily molds around the tightest areas of equipment to provide a cushioning layer of skin protection.

Being silicone gel, it will not break down with use, unlike foam alternatives, and can be easily cut to any shape or size.  This enables OTs and healthcare professionals to order Gel Ovations Flat Gel Pads Made to Measure to exactly fit their clients’ pressure protection needs.

TOP TIP from Danielle Base – Specialist Occupational Therapist and Moving and Handling Practitioner
As an Occupational Therapist specialising in Moving and Handling, I am always trying to avoid Shear and Friction when assisting clients with Moving and Handling tasks. I often use the small flat gel pads in combination with a sling if an individual has very vulnerable skin or a pressure ulcer to reduce shear and friction and to improve their comfort when being hoisted.

If they have a pressure ulcer or are at risk of developing a pressure area where the rim of the sling is, I will insert a gel pad between the skin and the sling to protect the area and reduce the risk of pressure and shear. This is a quick, effective and low cost solution. Pressure ulcers can develop very quickly. It is important to action and reduce the risk as soon as possible. Changing a sling can more timely, this can be a short term solution for the interim or a long term solution for a sling that is working well.


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