Flat Gel Pads

TOP TIP from Danielle Base – Specialist Occupational Therapist and Moving and Handling Practitioner

As an Occupational Therapist specialising in Moving and Handling, I am always trying to avoid Shear and Friction when assisting clients with Moving and Handling tasks. I often use the small flat gel pads in combination with a sling if an individual has very vulnerable skin or a pressure ulcer to reduce shear and friction and to improve their comfort when being hoisted.

If they have a pressure ulcer or are at risk of developing a pressure area where the rim of the sling is, I will insert a gel pad between the skin and the sling to protect the area and reduce the risk of pressure and shear. This is a quick, effective and low cost solution. Pressure ulcers can develop very quickly. It is important to action and reduce the risk as soon as possible. Changing a sling can more timely, this can be a short term solution for the interim or a long term solution for a sling that is working well.