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Forehead Stabiliser & Headrest

This multi-positional unit is designed to improve the head and neck position enhancing posture, vision, communication and daily living activities.

Constructed from high-strength light-weight aluminum alloy, the Forehead Stabiliser features Dimensional Gel for supreme comfort, coolness, and pressure care. The powerful double locking mechanism keeps the unit securely in place for maximum user safety and stability at all times.

Key features

• Adjustability of pad position places it right where needed
• Works with virtually all headrest systems
• Easily flips back 180 degrees when no longer needed
• Pad allows head movements without shearing or pressure
• Stable, exclusive Gel Ovations design
• Holds its position regardless of client activity
• Affordable and easy to clean
• Incorporates Dimensional Gel
• Maximum comfort & skin protection


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