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Stump, Knee & Hip Supports

Gel Ovations provide a full hardware range for use with our Gel Knee Adductor Pads, Dimensional Stump Supports, and Hip Guides.

Our Stump Support Pads are slightly contoured and come with our unique Dimensional Gel, for the ultimate comfort and protection against shear and heat build-up. Our Gel Knee Adductor Pads have the comfort of Gel and the strength of our hardware. They are easy to fit in any position and stay in position due to the additional set screws that come as standard.

Our Hip Guides are perfect for positioning hips and thighs just where you need with the added comfort of Gel. They have the ability to swing in or out and can also be angled helping create the perfect position. Great when clients require leg support with a central footplate.


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