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Knee Adductor Pads

The Gel Ovation Knee Adductor pads have the comfort of Gel combined with the strength of our ever popular hardware. These easy to fit hardware and pads are available for both 22mm (7/8”) and 25mm (1”) tubing.

The design of the hardware enables the Gel pads to be located into the exact position required with ease. The hardware is available in both swing away or fixed versions for both the 22mm (7/8”) tubing and 25mm (1”) tubing.

If you order the FLAT MOUNT Hardware your order will arrive with all the neccessary screws and fixings for Invacare, Sunrise Medical, Quantum and Permobil Seat Rails.

Another new option is the Tube Extension Clamps that allows you to fit the Knee Adductors to 19mm (3/4″) tubing.

With the additional set screws that come as standard this hardware is designed to STAY in position when challenged with everyday activities.


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