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ChinGel provides support for people with Dropped Head Syndrome, protecting against the discomfort and potential for pressure ulcers associated with this condition. Combining memory foam with our silicone Dimensional Gel encased in a smooth neoprene cover, NeckGel provides soft and less intrusive support than traditional methods. Easily inserted under the chin, ChinGel elevates the head for well-being and assisting in daily living. ChinGel supports are available in a choice of three different product thicknesses, to accommodate individual client needs.




  • Size: CG1 Contoured ChinGel 1” (25.4mm) : CG15 Contoured ChinGel 1.5” (38.1mm) : CG2 Contoured ChinGel 2” (50.8mm) 
  • Units: Each

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CG1 Contoured Chin Gel 1” (25.4mm), CG15 Contoured Chin Gel 1.5” (38.1mm), CG2 Contoured Chin Gel 2” (50.8mm) 


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