Dartex Cover for Dimensional Pads


For the ultimate protection of your Dimensional Gel pad we provide Dartex Covers.  The vapour permeable fabric is easy to wipe clean, has a non-slip base and allows the Gel Pad to be removed for cleaning.

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  • Size: 14×14″ (355x355mm) | 16×16″ (405x405mm) | 16×18″ (405x455mm) | 16×20″ (405x510mm) | 18×16 (455x405mm) | 18×18″ (455x455mm) | 16×20″ (405x510mm) | 18×20″ (455x510mm) | 20×18″ (510x455mm) | 20×20″ (510x510mm) | 22×20″ (560x510mm) | 24×20″ (610x510mm) | 26×20″ (660x510mm) | 28×20″ (710x510mm) | 30×24″ (760x610mm)

Care & Maintenance

Cleaning of Covers:

  • Remove any spillage or debris from the surface before cleaning.
  • Wipe Down the cover using a Trust approved cleaning agent.
  • Rinse the cover using clean water, to prevent chemical build up. If left in a wet condition, especially through chemical contact, the cover will become more susceptible to damage through abrasion and strike through.
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using chemical cleaning agents


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