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Gel Walker / Crutch Handle Cover


These Gel Covers provide shock relief and comfort when using walking aids. They are designed for the ultimate in comfort and protection, these handy covers can aid in healing existing sores and/or abrasions.

Simply fitting over the side tubes of all brands of traditional walkers, the pads are open at both ends and are applied over the existing hand grips.

Our covers are perfect for walkers that have a mostly straight circular grip as found on bicycles and u-shaped walkers. Regardless of the covering on the hand grip – they Velcro over the existing grip.

Please Note: These covers are NOT suitable for use on walkers (rollators) with wide and unusually shaped orthotic grips. For these grips please see our RHC cover for walkers (rollators) with orthotic grips.


  • Size: 4″ (100mm) – WHC4 | 5″ (130mm) – WHC5
  • Unit: PAIR

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