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Gel Zip on Tubular Arm Covers


These soft and comfortable waterproof zip-on wraps are ideal for protecting the arms of manual wheelchair users from rubbing against hard tubular armrests. This level of protection prevents skin contact injuries such as redness, soreness and inflammation which can quickly lead to pressure ulcers.

They are universal, fitting all makes of wheelchairs and designed to be unobtrusive and consistent with the design of the chair. They are often used with active wheelchairs.

Easily fitted, these wraps are simply zipped on and off for fitting and cleaning. The wraps contain soft, yielding gel which provides comfortable protection, contouring to the users arms as they move or rest in place.

They also benefit from a Neoprene (vapour permeable) cover enabling fast and easy cleaning with a simple wipe-down and  the following properties:

  • Easy Wipe Down Clean
  • Latex Free
  • Tough & Durable
  • Waterproof



  • Product Code: TAC
  • Unit: Pair
  • Size: 12” (300mm)


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