In the run-up to national Stop the Pressure Day 2022 on November 17th we are getting together with Pearce Bros Mobility of Yate, Bristol, to research pressure ulcer prevention products at the mobility specialist’s shop between Monday 31st October to Friday 4th November. Refreshments will be served.

Volunteers will be asked to sit in a chair for up to half an hour, to trial three different pressure relief cushions and will be ‘pressure-mapped’ by sensors to measure their effectiveness.

The week-long research project is being undertaken by Occupational Therapists, Danielle Base and Lynne Guest who will be publishing their findings on Stop The Pressure Day.

Danielle Base who this year won an award from the Society of Tissue Viability for her research into pressure ulcers said: 

“Pressure ulcers are a major problem for healthcare in the UK costing the NHS an estimated £3.8 million a day to treat. They can develop very quickly without preventative measures in place and cause pain and discomfort affecting peoples’ daily activities and quality of life.

We hope our research supporting the vital Stop the Pressure campaign raises awareness of reducing the risk of pressure ulcers and keeping peoples’ skin healthy.”

Volunteers willing to take part in the research project can register here

Please sign up today and help our research.