As part of its work to raise awareness of the causes and prevention of pressure ulcers, Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust has promoted an excellent video titled: ‘The 5 key messages to prevent Pressure Ulcers.’ You can view the video directly below.

We like it because, not only does it include advice from and for healthcare professionals, it also features the voices of real people on the impact that pressure ulcers make to their lives. It is all to easy to view pressure ulcers as simply a condition, but when you hear the toll it takes on people, the result is very moving. For example, as one lady sufferer in the video says:

‘It looked like a horrible overripe tomato. The pain was terrible. I couldn’t sleep, no sleep day and night and at times I get reduced to tears.’   

As the video says: ‘Pressure ulcers can happen to anybody, at any age. We see a lot of patients that are elderly, disabled people, pregnant women during labour, your children can  get pressure ulcers, anybody with poor mobility.’

One viewer on YouTube commented:

‘I’m an RN.  This is a terrific, terrific video.  Easy to watch.  Great characters that we care about.  Interesting.  Entertaining.  Cautionary without being so horrific that viewers run away.  And makes the important points clearly, loudly, and repeatedly.’

Source link: Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust

View Video Here: