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‘Find out about our exciting new partnership with the inspirational GB Paralympian, endurance athlete, adventurer and speaker as she prepares for her latest endurance challenge.’

“We are excited to be part of Mel Nicholls’ team on her next incredible feat of handcycle endurance.

Mel’s superhuman efforts really put our sports products through their paces and will help us develop further solutions, to as Mel says, bridge the sport health gap, for the benefit of para-athletes and enthusiasts at all levels.”

James Payne
Managing Director, Gel Ovations Europe

How We’ve Upgraded Mel Nicholl’s Handcycle

Mel’s handcycle is a state-of-the-art piece of equipment and it has to be, in order to withstand the component-jarring pounding that the bike endures, as Mel racks up hundreds of miles during training and the actual mammoth challenges.

As Mel so eloquently explains in her article, these stresses are relentlessly transferred to the rider’s body, causing inevitable bruising, and distress to muscles, joints and critically, pressures sores on the skin. The debilitating injury and consequent pain caused by equipment trauma can seriously
hamper competitiveness.

To overcome these issues, we equipped Mel’s handcycle with our custom-made Dimensional Gel Sports base-seat padding.

Apart from its many advantages listed below, our Dimensional Gel is low-profile, providing maximum comfort and protection, without compromising the rider’s seating position.

It’s intrinsic cooling, anti-friction and sweat minimising properties also assist the rider, helping to maintain their comfort and temperature during high-intensity exertions.

Benefits of Dimensional Gel at a Glance

About Mel Nicholls

To us, Mel Nicholls is a force of nature, who exemplifies the power of the human spirit to triumph against all odds. What’s more, Mel cares deeply about motivating others to overcome their own challenges to achieve their own personal goals and triumphs.

Mel has achieved so much in her life so far, and a visit to her website, which details her challenges to date and future projects, is highly recommended for everyone.

Her appearances at the Rio and London Paralympics aside, Mel’s accomplishments include a remarkable attempt on the Land’s End to John O’Groats Handcycle World Record which is the subject of an incredible online documentary.

The programme, available to watch here, brings to life the huge mental and physical pressures that such an immense feat of endurance entails.

In it Mel and her dedicated team battle through all weathers and physical toll to achieve their goal of achieving the 874 distance in just 6 days, 22 hours and 17 minutes.

Mel’s Instagram Article

We are indebted to Mel for a wonderful article on her Instagram account following her visit to our headquarters in Bristol, to have her /….handcycle bespoke equipped with Gel Ovations Dimensional Gel Sports protection padding.

It is inspiring to be part of Mel’s team on her exciting new endurance project. We will be reporting on her progress throughout her attempt.

‘Innovation is a huge part of performance sport and I am constantly looking at ideas to improve and challenges to solve. Whether on a practical, tactical or physiological aspect, ultimately these all contribute to the end goal of performance.

Going from short time trial racing to ultra-endurance races and challenges brings A bike-load of different problem-solving.

As with any ultra undertaking set-up is key, saddle sores or pressure points however you ride, long hours and big miles on the bike means we all share similar issues just in different ways.

During ‘Handcycle Britain’, all day on the bike in one position and from road vibrations, took its toll on pressure points around my pelvis and spine and with this my legs, as well as my neck.

Working from these findings South West company generations Gel Ovations have joined the team in support of my next ultra-endurance project and as specialists in gel-based pressure ulcer prevention products for healthcare and mobility, are bridging the sports health gap with bespoke solutions and ideas, and as fellow champions of creative approaches to promoting active lifestyles for all.

I’m thrilled to be working with and have such innovative support from James and his expert team, and look forward to testing and developing ahead of this year’s project.’

‘Innovation is creativity with a job to do’ John Emmerling ‘

Mel Nicholls
Instagram: @teamdolly