Properties of our Wheelchair Accessories

A New Level of Protection

Wheelchair users can experience discomfort, including the rubbing of the elbow, arms, hips, or legs on the hard unyielding surface of their equipment. This can be alleviated by installing the wide range of protective, comfort-enhancing gel-based wheelchair accessories by Gel Ovations. 

Perfectly blending in with the design of all wheelchairs, and fitting all parts of the chair, our products provided a new level of comfort and protection whenever contact is unavoidable.

Wraps and Covers

Gel Ovations make a variety
of wraps, covers and pads
designed to offer protection
whenever contact is inevitable.

Arm and Elbow Supports

We have many easy fit options
for Arms and Elbows that
provide positioning combined
with the comfort of gel.

Lateral Supports and Hardware

Gel Ovations make a variety of
products designed to offer the
client comfort and protection
whenever and wherever contact
is inevitable.

Leg and Foot Supports

From simple Gel Wraps to Multi
Axis Hip Guides Gel Ovations
have numerous options to
support lower limbs.

Protection for All Wheelchairs

 Our products incorporate a soft cool silicone gel in various forms that provide tried and tested pressure solutions. 

Blending in with the design of all wheelchairs, they are designed to protect the skin against surfaces that are hard and unyielding and offer little or no protection to a user’s skin. We offer comfort and protection whenever contact is unavoidable.

Economical & Time-Saving

By providing an instant sultan, our product can eliminate the need for a repeat clinical assessment or home visit. They save considerable costs in time and transport whilst also immediately helping the end-user by eliminating the pressure risk at an earlier stage.

Many modifications can take long hours of labour and expensive materials to create a suitable solution whilst the user is left waiting. 

We offer products that can go straight from the shelf to these saving valuable time, money, and discomfort.

Ergonomic & Practical Design

All our products are designed so that they appear to be a seamless part of the wheelchair aesthetic, avoiding any unsightly adaptations.

This aesthetic regard does not compromise functionality. The products are ergonomic, being developed to the needs of actual users.

This ensures that they add practical comfort with ease of use, as a natural, easy-to-use part of the wheelchair experience. 

Strength & Versatility

Our hardware supports feature strong locking mechanisms that keep the unit securely in place at all times. 

They are designed to be easily adjusted into the exact position for individual users’ comfort and securely locked into position. Our products feature the strength of double locking with both locking screws and additional grub screws to secure into position. 

This is essential so that the comfort padding remains in place at all times when the wheelchair is in motion and will not move from the moment they are fitted.

Orders received by 12 noon are despatched the same day. People suffering with pressure ulcers require fast solutions, which is why we provide express service as standard. Contact us for Made-to-Measure delivery times.