Any special installation instructions are in the Instructions for use both in printed form with the product on delivery or on the product details in this website. You may want to try alternate ways of positioning of the pads.  Here is a summary: For Velcro items, stretch the Velcro tabs or Velcro strip around the bottom of the handle or crutch top. Although positioning is personal preference, most people seem to get the greatest Comfort when the Velcro pads are installed as follows:

1) Identify the ‘hook’ edge of the product.

2) Place the product rubber side down with the sewn in gel on top of the handle and the ‘hook’ edge away from your body when your body is positioned to use the walker, wheelchair, etcWrap the cover over the handle and away from the body. The ‘hook’ edge seam will end up on the underside of the handle or far around the handle beyond your fingers.

For zipper items, stretch the cover over the existing and then close zipper for a snug fit. Should you remove the foam pad or foam top before installing?  No, the pads/covers work best and fit best if put on right over the existing foam pad, handle or grip.


To remove the cover/pad, simply undo the Velcro, unzip the cover or unbolt the pad. For the Anywhere pad (stick on type), break the suction along one edge of the pad. The adhesive is made by 3M and is designed to stick well and for easy release without leaving a residue. Should some stickiness remain, it can be removed with a little WD 40 sprayed on a paper towel or cloth.