We were delighted to receive this lovely testimonial from a customer whose daughter has benefitted from our made to measure cushioning gel pads. Identities have been withheld to maintain privacy:

‘My daughter has Downs Syndrome and uses a wheelchair to get around outdoors. She does not have any spoken language but she makes herself very well understood.

She is petite and when out and about she often indicates that her hips are hurting her as we’d go over the uneven pavements and her hips would knock against the side panels . Going off road was always a challenge for her, so we tended to avoid hillier terrain.

I’ve tried many ways to relieve her discomfort but nothing has worked.

I came across your website by chance. When I first rang the company and explained the problem , I found everyone most helpful. You listened carefully to the problem and came up very quickly with a suggestion.

Within a week you had sent me two made to measure side gel pads with Velcro to attach to the side panels of the chair. The gel pads are just perfect . We tried them out immediately and Hannah really likes them . They give her that extra bit of padding which protect her hips and make her feel more secure in her chair .

So thank you once again. It has really helped my daughter to feel more comfortable and relaxed in her wheelchair.’