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According to a report on the Nursing Times website: ‘despite the sustained effort and resources that have been put into pressure ulcer prevention, the number of pressure ulcers seems to have stagnated for the last few years.’

The article announces a new pressure ulcer quality improvement toolbox, developed by four nurse specialists in tissue viability, based on eight steps, to help nursing staff make a difference.

The booklet’ ‘Pressure ulcers: quality improvement,’ from Nursing Times, is an introduction to quality improvement designed to help staff, teams and organisations get started with a quality improvement project, specifically to improve pressure ulcer incidents.

The report into the booklet continues: ‘it is designed to help you use tools to understand prevalence and incidence, consider what aspects of care, process, culture or behaviour may be contributing to pressure ulcer development, identify aspects to focus on first to realise the greatest chance of improvement, and identify the improvement tools that will best suit the individual project.’

Funded by Mölnlycke, Nursing Times says that it hopes the document will support nurses to begin a quality improvement project, especially on pressure ulcers.

Pressure ulcers: quality improvement is available for download free of charge for all users of