We are pleased to announce that the groundbreaking Ripcap 2-layer Reusable Face Mask which is quickly becoming an overnight hit in mainland Europe, is coming to the UK.

As we know, wearing face masks is a way of life all over Europe for personal protection during the COVID-19 crisis and now the UK is quickly catching up.

Gel Ovations has worked with Belgium-based Ribcap for many years, supplying their fashion-forward medical helmets for people who are susceptible to falls.

Through our partnership we have now secured supply lines of Ripcap Face Masks for the people of Britain.

The UK’s first consignment of Ripcap Face Masks will be arriving from May 15th, so please beat the rush and pre-order today.

Ribcap Face Mask

Recommended Use

Since the COVID-19 pandemic escalated and using all its expertise in safety fashion-ware, Ribcap has been working hard to develop a reusable multiple layer face mask based on the recommendations of the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

CDC recommends the use of fabric masks like Ripcap in public settings, to keep people safe when shopping, working, exercising and using public transport.

Learning from countries who use facemasks on a regular basis, Ribcap discovered that multiple layers increase filtration and that the choice of material makes a crucial difference between a good mask and a bad mask.

Backed by intense research Ripcap’s dedicated team began working on the perfect design, perfect fitting, protective mask and so the Ribcap 2-Layer Face Mask.

Protect the NHS

Ripcap Face Masks have been specially designed for use in the community and are not for use by medical clinicians, so by choosing reusable Ripcap face masks you are actually helping the NHS by not using up valuable clinical PPE stocks.

Why Choose Ribcap Reusable Face Masks?

  • Full-width facemask for protection and comfort.
  • Micro Polyester outer liner to protect your mouth and face from airborne particles including dust, cold, pollen, fog, and more.
  • 100% woven cotton inner liner, a high GSM material that is tightly constructed to provide better filtration.
  • Easy to sanitise for continuous use
  • Easy to put on and take off for user safety
  • Easily washable for reuse

Please CLICK HERE to pre-order and receive your Ribcap Mask between May 15th to 31st.