With the COVID-19 pandemic stubbornly exerting its grip throughout the UK, we thought it timely to revisit advice given by Tissue Viability specialists to combat issues throuwn up by the pandemic.

Shown on Tissue Viability News, the video is presented by Fiona Downie, Senior Lecturer Tissue Viability
Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge.

Fiona looks at key areas of pressure ulcer treatment during the pandemic including:

  • Simple pressure ulcer prevention during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Proning and pressure ulcer prevention
  • Incident reporting and investigation

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In terms of Simple Pressure Ulcer Prevention the video covers the following areas of clinical action and assessment, and also includes the use of silicone pads in the recommened treatments:

  • Reposition as pressure ulcer risk assessment determine and patient condition allows
  • If patient can walk, encourage assisted mobility
  • Dynamic mattress in place, consider APM or low air loss

Increased use of oxygen masks and medical devices: medical device related pressure ulcers (MDRPU) may go up with increase in numbers of critically unwell patients

  • Check underlying skin
  • Ofload pressure with polymer/silcone pads
  • Securing techniques

Hydrate skin with the use of emollients
Manage any skin moisture; consider barrier products
Nutrition and hydration